Seminole State's Bookstores

The Bookstore is operating online during the COVID-19 campus closures.

Please visit Seminole State's online bookstore for your purchases.

Barnes and Noble College
Seminole State's campus bookstores are open under Barnes & Noble College.

Online Purchases Available:

Seminole State College's bookstores stock books for all courses. Used and rental textbooks, when available, are offered at a reduced price. Reference books and extra reading materials are carried in open stock. School supplies, computer software, College merchandise and other miscellaneous items are also available.

Note: Textbook adoption information will be available online for each term's courses 45 days prior to the first day of classes for the term.

You may also purchase books through Seminole State's online bookstore

To contact the bookstore, call 407.708.2021:

  • Press 1 – Financial Aid Dates and Information
  • Press 2 -  Book rentals, refunds and book buy-back
  • Press 3 – Altamonte Springs Campus Bookstore
  • Press 4 – Oviedo Campus Bookstore
  • Press 5 – Sanford/Lake Mary and Heathrow Campus bookstore

The bookstores are a department within Seminole State's Auxiliary Services.