International Studies Certificate Program

Seminole State College of Florida offers a 26-credit International Studies Certificate for students hoping to add an international focus to their two- or four-year degree. The certificate includes courses in world culture and history, many of which count toward General Education requirements.

Serving as a capstone in addition to the course requirement is a travel/world experience component. To satisfy this requirement, students pursuing the International Studies Certificate may choose from the following options:

  • Participate in two short-term trips abroad, such as the Study Abroad trips offered through Seminole State’s Center for Global Engagement
  • Participate in one long-term (one month or longer), immersive trip abroad, which may include school-sponsored trips as well as personal travel to a single foreign environment

Students who are unable to travel due to financial restrictions may work with the director of the Center for Global Engagement to establish a case-by-case plan to satisfy the world experience component locally. Using this option, students may get the requisite experience, for example, by participating in an internship program at a Central Florida-based international consulate.

For more information, including a course list, please visit the program's curriculum page.