Dr. Alex Toth is the new dean for the Center for Public Safety at Seminole State College. Toth stands in front of the fountain on the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus with his arms folded across his chest.
Seminole State College of Florida welcomes Dr. Alex Toth as the new dean of the Center for Public Safety.
Miguel Vasquez stands in uniform, accepting a certificate of promotion at the Orange County Sheriff's Office.
Q&A with Seminole State alumnus Miguel Vasquez
Tina Beck sits at her desk. On her computer monitors she has a power point up with the label "Star Formation with JWST."
As a lifelong Central Florida resident, Tina Beck grew up watching shuttle launches with her dad and falling in love with everything space related.
Dr. Ashley Navarro smiles at the camera. Her upper half is shown, she is wearing a blue shirt and has long, straight brown hair.
Q&A with Seminole State alumna Dr. Ashley Navarro.
Dr. Georgia Lorenz presents Mary Colon with a certificate of appreciation at a Seminole State Service Luncheon.
Mary Colon knows that learning isn't as easy as flipping a switch, but she advises students not to lose heart when they face adversary and that if it is what they love then they will find a way.
Derek Demeter in a blue shirt with a green star tie. He is positioned in front of a piece of equipment in the Seminole State Planetarium pretending to be holding it up while making a funny face.
Q&A with Seminole State College of Florida alumnus Derek Demeter.