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The College has established a Reopening Task Force to determine when and how to open our campuses with the health and safety of the Seminole State community as the top priority.

On June 11, 2020, Governor DeSantis announced that the Florida Department of Education has issued a Reopening Schools plan for the upcoming school year.

On June 15, the Safe Campus Reopening Task Force presented the College’s General Recommendations to the Board of Trustees of Seminole State College.

Recommendations were developed in consultation with employees, students, educational, medical and community partners.

View Seminole State’s presentation to the Board under Updates & Information. The College is currently studying the Florida Board of Education plan and guidance from Florida College System Chancellor Kathryn Hebda and will continue to provide additional details on the College’s reopening plans.


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Reopening Task Force Members

Employees from across the College are represented in each of the following subcommittees:  

Phase Report Subcommittee

  • Dick Hamann - Executive Sponsor
  • Miguel Sierra - Team Lead


  • Laura Ross
  • Paul Carland
  • Joe Mazur
  • Johnny Craig
  • Mae Ashby
  • Kate Henry

Communications Subcommittee

  • Kate Henry - Executive Sponsor
  • Mark Richardson - Team Lead


  • Kim Allen
  • Meribeth Colicci
  • Jan Lloyd-Leslie
  • Les Lusk
  • Seema Soonasra
  • Laura Dickinson

Environmental Safety Subcommittee

  • Paul Carland - Executive Sponsor
  • Kevin Carr Co-Team Lead
  • Miguel Sierra Co-Team Lead


  • Jeff Gibbs
  • Chris Lemm
  • Ebony Christopher
  • Jim Lee
  • Deborah Richard
  • Doug Engel
  • Aamena Kanji
  • Janet Balanoff
  • Jennifer Williams

Logistics Subcommittee

  • Joe Mazur - Executive Sponsor
  • Hector Dietsch - Team Lead


  • Jeremiah O'Connor
  • Jon Squires
  • Greg Long
  • Kurt Esser
  • Carla McCabe
  • Daniel Cajamarca
  • Bart Luscuskie
  • Chris Lemm

Cost Accounting and Documentation

  • Joe Mazur - Executive Sponsor
  • Judi Cooper - Team Lead


  • Sandi Lochner
  • Greg Long
  • CarrieAnne Galarneau
  • Aamena Kanji
  • Rori Hoppe
  • Pamela Mennechey

Employee Return Subcommittee

  • Mae Ashby - Executive Sponsor
  • Stephen Summers - Team Lead


  • Geoff Fortunato
  • Cheryl Knodel
  • Molly Kostenbauder
  • Pilar Acosta
  • Scott Freeman
  • Michael Woodson
  • Marcus Williams
  • Mary Colon
  • Simoni Gannon
  • Brittany Resman
  • Lisa Forsyth
  • Barbara Rodriguez-Lamas

Student Return Subcommittee

  • Laura Ross and Johnny Craig - Executive Sponsors
  • Debbie Lynch and Lynn Garrett Co-team leads


  • Chalah Harris
  • Natashia Jones
  • Mercedes Bermejo
  • Daniel Suleski
  • Kim Maznicki
  • Mark Morgan
  • Michele Cuomo
  • Angel Nater
  • Michele Wallace
  • Michael Staley